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new Making Rain Workshop added in toronto - February 6, 2014!!!

*** our San Diego and Toronto area workshops sold out in 2013 ***
*** check out the participant comments here, and join us February 6 ***
The #1 difference between success and failure in today's business environment is the ability to SELL - your ideas, your products, your services, and most importantly ... yourself!

Want to grow your influence? ... grow your sales? ... grow your business?

                 Want to attract new clients instead of chasing them?

                "Making Rain is the BEST PRESENTATION ON MARKETING AND SALES that I have heard
         in 35+ years of private practice!  It is comprehensive, in-depth, totally relevant, practical and credible!"
- Frank Miller, Professional Mediator

Are you an independent professional, consultant, contractor, partner, or business owner? ... is "rainmaking" (identifying and securing new clients) part of your responsibilities?

If yes, then your success depends on your ability to MAKE RAIN - sell, market, and promote.

It's been a few tough years and things are looking better ... are you waiting for it to happen? ... or are you ready to fully take advantage of the opportunities out there? ... are you ready to go beyond surviving, to prospering?

To get ahead - and stay ahead - of the competition you must continually market and sell ... and do both efficiently and cost-effectively! 

What if YOU could learn the sales and influence skills that give you an advantage over the competition? ... that would allow YOU to create the business / career / lifestyle that you want?

Now you have an opportunity to gain a distinct advantage
by attending the half-day MAKING RAIN workshop.

"We have averaged 43% annual growth in sales over the past three years while working with ClarityWorks!"
- Horace Cobham, Executive Director, FirstCaribbean International Bank
Using a practical, interactive and hands-on approach, this workshop will teach you the art and science of "making rain" - selling and marketing yourself, your ideas, your services, and your products.  It is designed for professionals whose success is determined by their ability to identify, influence, and sell to decision makers.

In this condensed 4 hour workshop you will learn how to:
  • Avoid the biggest sales mistakes professionals make
  • Develop a "sales mindset" and get past the myths that hold you back
  • Get both "to" and "through" the front door
  • Attract new leads and influence prospects to hire you or buy from you
  • Create a powerful prospecting system
  • Lead constructive prospect and client meetings

You will take away tools, strategies and tactics to boost your sales and grow your business

We will also explore:
  • Where to find prospective clients and how to connect with them
  • How to grab a prospect's attention with your answer to "What do you do?"
  • The #1 way to quickly build rapport with anyone
  • The 5 words you need to use regularly to increase your influence
  • The 3 most important things to do in every networking situation, and the 3 things to avoid
  • The #1 purpose of the "cold call", and how to achieve it
  • How to turn cold calls into warm calls
  • The 5 key steps to follow in every client / prospect meeting
  • The 3 questions every prospect wants answered
  • The one thing you need to do consistently to move the sale forward
  • The one question that will tell you where you stand with your client / prospect
  • How to secure more commitment and buy-in
  • How to minimize resistance and overcome objections
  • How to maneuver around the dreaded price objection
  • How to obtain more referrals from prospects and clients
  • How to integrate Social Media and the Web into your sales and marketing mix
  • The 5 things you must do to make LinkedIn work more effectively for you
  • The one sales statistic that can propel you into the "Top 20%"
  • The one tool that can improve your results virtually overnight   

"Excellent ... Time well spent to attend."

- Juris Kornets, Owner, Natural Selections Photography

Current session dates:

Toronto, ON  »  Thursday February 6, 2014 

San Diego / Toronto / Mississauga / Vaughan  »  March, May & June, 2013  »  see participant comments here
     NOTE: seating is limited to provide maximum benefit for workshop participants!
"Thank you for making this commitment to our success!"
- Brian Sharpe, Sales Manager, Shade-O-Matic

Workshop Fee - $197  (Early Bird Fee - $147 - until Feb 3)
(use promo code "take-10" when registering to save an additional 10%)

just one more sale / one more contract / one more loyal client - what would that be worth to you?
                                                            Four ways to register:

                                                            - click here to go to our general registration page

                                                            - choose your location on the Program Dates page

                                                            - email us at

                                                            - call us at 416.232.0681 or 858.672.8706

NO fluff!

NO fillers!

NO sales pitch!

Just 4 hours of solid takeaways to help you grow your influence, your sales, and your business!

Who should attend?
  • Independent Professionals and Solo Practitioners
  • Consultants / Coaches / Trainers
  • Entrepreneurs / Executives / Business Owners
  • Sales / Marketing / PR Professionals
  • Engineers / Architects / Builders / Interior Designers
  • Lawyers / Accountants / Financial Planners
  • Medical Professionals / Therapists
  • Photographers / Visual Artists / Performers
               "Your expertise in sales and marketing helped us understand new ways of dealing with our patients,
                                                  and improved the overall performance of our pharmacy. 
                                    Your innovative approach to the sales process resulted in new initiatives."
- Tanya Sklierenko, Pharmacist/Owner, Markland Wood Pharmacy

Not yet convinced that you need this workshop?  Check out the 5 Bonuses below ... 

- A 4 hour workshop

Feature - Making Rain is a half-day workshop, but with a class-time close to that of a typical full day program
- You don't have to take a whole day off work - you will be implementing the tools, strategies and tactics that day!

- Limited seating

Feature - Seating for all Making Rain workshops is limited - you will not be sitting in a stadium with 500 or 5,000 others
- You will be able to engage and participate actively

- Two or more experts in front of the room

Feature - Each Making Rain workshop is facilitated by at least two experts
- Seeing, hearing and experiencing multiple perspectives (in addition to learning from other participants)

BONUS #4 - A special early bird rate
Feature - The Making Rain workshop is a great value ... and there's an early bird discount too (so register now!)
- You learn the essentials for growing your influence, your sales, and your business without breaking the bank

- A post-session follow-up call

Feature - A group follow-up call will be scheduled two to three weeks after the Making Rain workshop
- You can get additional questions answered and share success stories after spending time implementing the strategies and tactics you learned in the workshop

There's just one thing left for you to do ... register for Making Rain before the sessions sell out!!!
Four ways to register:

                                                            - click here to go to our general registration page

                                                            - choose your location on the Program Dates page

                                                            - email us at

                                                            - call us at 416.232.0681 or 858.672.8706

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